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Donald Trump Benjamin Netanyahu

If the US wants to stop foreign interference in its democracy, it also needs to worry about what its friends are up to

Opinion: As the 2020 election approaches, remember that the US's allies are just as interested in influencing American politics as its rivals.
Opinion 2020-08-06T18:00:00Z
Mitch McConnell

A pathetic excuse for waiting too long on the relief bill

Mitch McConnell said Republicans didn't work on another relief bill in May was to make sure the coronavirus didn't just "mysteriously disappear."
Donald Trump smirk

Trump is going to say wild and stupid things to distract voters. Ignore him.

The US and the world are worse off because Donald Trump has been president. That's the only thing that matters this Election Day.

How bad will the wave of evictions be?

The federal moratorium on evictions has expired, meaning millions of Americans could soon be without a home unless it is extended.
Opinion 2020-08-04T23:19:45Z

COVID-19 should finally end the inhumane practice of solitary confinement

Solitary confinement is barbaric, a health hazard, and is used too frequently for the wrong reasons. The pandemic shows it's time to get rid of it.
Opinion 2020-08-04T18:00:00Z

Let's talk about his face for a minute

Axios reporter Jonathan Swan's face when Trump talked wildly about the coronavirus pandemic shows how American media should treat the president.

Election Day will be a fiasco unless we act now. Like, right now.

State governments and the USPS are worried about being overwhelmed by mail-in ballots. Trump is undermining trust in the election. It all looks bad.
Opinion 2020-08-02T14:17:00Z

It's time to start handing out fines to people who refuse to wear masks

It seems no amount of education will sway certain conservatives to wear a mask and protect their neighbors. It's time to think of fining them.

Trump wrecked the international order. It's time to start thinking about what happens when he's gone.

Trump has severely damaged America's standing in the world. We need to completely reshape how we treat allies once he leaves office.

Social media superstars are sucking up all the political donations, leaving smaller candidates with nothing. But there's a way to end this fundraising inequality.

There are a few candidates raking in cash, but it's leaving many candidates for smaller offices with nothing.
Opinion 2020-08-02T12:26:00Z

Trump is trying to shove 4 years of China policy into 4 months

With the trade deal cast aside, Trump is trying to look tough on China before the election. This puts Beijing and the US in a dangerous position.
Opinion 2020-08-01T13:41:00Z

Economists are fleeing the Trump administration. That's a worrying sign for Trump and the future of the country.

The country's leading economists are having an exodus from Trump's White House. During a pandemic and economic crisis, this is a troubling sign.
Opinion 2020-08-01T13:13:00Z

Joaquin Castro is leading a generational revolution to shake up Democrats' outdated foreign policy

The Democratic party needs to shake up the way it thinks about foreign policy, the military, and forever wars. Joaquin Castro is trying to lead the change.
Opinion 2020-08-01T12:28:00Z

'To Start a War' author Robert Draper talks about the intelligence disasters that led Bush to invade Iraq

The New York Times Magazine writer talks with Business Insider about George W. Bush's Iraq fiasco and what Washington still hasn't learned from the war.

Trump is maiming US democracy

Trump is not going to follow through on his threat to delay the election, but his attack on our democracy are still going to do damage to the country.
Premium Tech 2020-07-31T01:08:33Z

Big Tech's CEOs wrapped themselves in the flag and warned about China. Here's why their patriotic appeal was meaningless, misleading, and should be ignored.

Mark Zuckerberg and the other tech CEOs resorted to an old tactic at the antitrust hearing — the patriotic appeal. Here's why it should be ignored.

It's time to take Trump seriously, figuratively, and literally

Trump's suggestion that the US delay the election is illegal, but it is still a worrying sign about the state of our democracy.
Opinion 2020-07-30T14:23:00Z

The MLB, NHL, and NBA may be coming back, but they're going to have to deal with a minefield of data and privacy issues if they want fans back in the stands.

We're nowhere near fans going back to stadiums to watch live sports. But if leagues want to get ready, they need to start thinking about data privacy.
Opinion 2020-07-30T13:10:18Z

Now we know what Jeff Bezos' worried face looks like

Some grandstanding by GOP members aside, the lawmakers in Wednesday's hearing with the CEOs of four major tech companies asked insightful questions.
Opinion 2020-07-30T11:46:00Z

The bizarre coronavirus recession is making for an even more bizarre economic recovery

Economic Indicators like housing, jobs, government spending, and the dollar are doing the reverse of what they have done during recent recessions.
Opinion 2020-07-29T18:00:00Z

The US is neck-deep in a constitutional crisis

The Trump administration is defying the Supreme Court, undermining faith in elections, and sending federal agents into cities. This is a crisis.
Opinion 2020-07-29T14:27:00Z

Companies have tried to maximize profits using a 'lean and mean' business strategy. It blew up in their faces during the pandemic.

A 'lean and mean' business strategy is one that tries to maximize profit at the expense of long-term investments like employee development.
Opinion 2020-07-29T13:36:00Z

Andrew Cuomo's coronavirus 'victory tour' makes no sense

Cuomo botched New York's response, but got the hero treatment for press conferences. Now he's flouting mask guidelines and hurting small businesses.
Opinion 2020-07-29T12:27:00Z

I'm a New York City Uber driver. The pandemic shows that my industry needs fundamental change or drivers will never recover.

Uber, Lyft, and other ride-share drivers have had it rough during the pandemic, but new legislation could give them the support they're calling for.
Opinion 2020-07-28T18:15:00Z

Big Tech has no friends in Washington anymore

The CEOs of the four biggest tech companies — Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple — are going to testify to a House committee. It won't be pretty.
Opinion 2020-07-28T14:59:43Z

There's a clear way for Congress to improve the PPP loan program and help America's small businesses

Streamlining the approval process so that PPP loans for many small businesses are forgiven quickly would save the economy money and help businesses.
Opinion 2020-07-28T12:34:40Z

To help communities of color, Congress must extend the $600-a-week boosted unemployment benefit until the economy recovers

Recessions hit communities of color hard. To soften that blow and advance racial justice, Congress needs to extend the boosted unemployment benefit.
Opinion 2020-07-27T18:00:00Z

Trump's cynical plan to provoke chaos in America's cities is working

Sending in federal agents has made situations like Portland, Austin, and Seattle worse. This doesn't help anyone — except maybe Trump.
Opinion 2020-07-26T14:23:00Z

America's image around the world is being tarnished by the violent federal response in Portland

The aggressive federal response in Portland undermines America's message and hurts the already-damaged international perception of the US.

Trump knows his reelection chances are in trouble, so now he's trying to confuse Americans and erode trust in our elections

Trump is losing to Biden, according to almost every poll. So now he's trying to sow discord and confusion about the election.
Opinion 2020-07-26T13:04:00Z

I'm a college senior. I don't think students should go back to schools, even though it means I may miss my final year on campus.

I'm an incoming college senior who believes that the health risks for college students returning to campus are too great. Schools aren't prepared.

I was a Homeland Security prosecutor on Day One. How Trump is using my former department is damaging the country.

Opinion: The Department of Homeland Security was never meant to be a national police force or a presidential militia, but that's how it's being used.
Opinion 2020-07-26T12:23:00Z

The debate over masks is not a 'culture war,' stop calling it that

Trump's refusal to wear a mask was an attempt to impose his delusion that the coronavirus would disappear on Americans. That's what dictators do.
Opinion 2020-07-25T17:24:00Z

The pandemic is causing the rise of making real money from virtual worlds

Amid a worsening economy due to the COVID-19 crisis, virtual jobs are on the rise and may be here to stay.
Opinion 2020-07-25T13:22:00Z

Black communities were forgotten during the recovery from the Great Recession. We can't let that happen again.

During the Great Recession, communities of color were overlooked as recovery efforts focused on wealthier white people. That has to change.
Opinion 2020-07-25T12:08:00Z

'Surviving Autocracy' author Masha Gessen on Trump's casual racism, how his incompetence prevents accountability, and the institutions that failed us

The Trump project aims to "take American identity to an imaginary past," National Book Award winner Masha Gessen tells Business Insider in new interview.

The 8 questions that will shape the last 100 days of the campaign

Is Trump's fear message landing? Is the economy recovering or staggering? Is the pandemic easing and can Trump take credit? Has Biden been demonized?
Opinion 2020-07-24T14:15:00Z

If America is going to actually end police violence, it will take a movement like we've never seen before

The effort to curb police violence is going to take a monumental movement that not only includes protestors, but also . Two professors explain how.
Transportation 2020-07-23T18:21:38Z

When nobody was looking, Tesla turned into a manufacturing juggernaut

The company that long struggled with building cars is preparing to add plants in Germany and Texas as it moves toward a major expansion.
Opinion 2020-07-23T18:00:00Z

The bright spot in Trump's coronavirus response

The Trump administration's swift economic aid and willingness to pays billions for vaccines has been the only good part of the pandemic response.
Opinion 2020-07-23T14:14:26Z

Trump's not just 'playing' dictator anymore

Conservatives used to be terrified of federal agents invading cities or overreach by the government, but not anymore because Orange Man Good.
Opinion 2020-07-22T18:00:00Z

How long will the new, serious Trump last? A week?

Trump finally told people to wear masks and take the virus seriously. How long before he's bashing Biden and saying the virus will just go away?

A deal between Iran and China shows that 'getting tough' doesn't solve the US's problems

Opinion: The US's failed strategy not only fails at its intended purpose but it's also strengthened the bonds between our adversaries at our expense.
Opinion 2020-07-22T12:03:00Z

Trump always wanted his own police force. Portland is just his excuse to use it.

President Donald Trump loves "power" and "strength." Post-9/11 expansions of executive power have given him the secret police force he always wanted.
Opinion 2020-07-21T18:00:00Z

This is how democracy dies

Unmarked federal troops in Portland are just the latest worrying assault on America's democracy by the Trump administration.

Stop giving your money to presidential campaigns, donate to local races instead

Data shows that donations to presidential races don't mean much, but a donation to a local race can be much more influential.
Opinion 2020-07-21T13:05:56Z

The latest Republican coronavirus aid plan proves the GOP is living in a fantasyland

Republicans would offer so little help to states and people in a coronavirus aid bill that it's unclear whether they understand the problem at hand.

Trump's Covid-19 response shows he has given up on competition with China that doesn't involve guns and bombs

Opinion: In modern great-power competition, it takes more than military strength to win, and the US is showing it doesn't have much else to offer.
Opinion 2020-07-20T18:00:00Z

Democrats must abolish the filibuster if they win the Senate and White House

If Biden wins the White House and the Democrats take a majority in the Senate, the only option to get something done is to get rid of the filibuster.

A slew of former US ambassadors said disinformation is one of the world's biggest problems. It's time companies took the threat just as seriously.

Companies need to not only guard against disinformation about themselves, but also help to combat the risk to our society that misinformation creates.
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